Issue with printer speed

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Issue with printer speed



The structure of our network is detailed below.


  • 2 x MX64 (MX Warm Spare)
  • 2 x MS220 
  • 1 x MR53


The end users are currently experiencing issues when they send large PDF files to the office’s printer.  It takes lot of time to print the files. The end users’ devices and the printer are in the same VLAN. The end users are connected to the corporate WiFi which is provided by the MR device. What settings on the Meraki side could be could be limiting the bandwidth or generating any kind of delay? Could you please advise?





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What's the setup of the SSID the users are connecting too and is it only Wifi connected users that are having the performance issue when printing the PDFs?



Sorry, what kind of setup do you mean? Any specific item?


Regarding the second question, we do have only WiFi users. We do not have wired devices. They use MacOS devices.

Woa, that's an issue that could have a million causes.


My gut feeling says that you'd need to try to isolate the problem.

  • Try a different PDF reader to rule out that it's a software issue.
  • Try a windows system.
  • Try a wired connection instead of wireless.
  • Might be just a printer issue too, what makes you think it's a network issue?

Just to add to the above:
"large PDF files" - well, just how large IS large?

Are they printing directly to the printer, or is there a print server involved?

Does that printer have any kind of storage? And how much memory does the printer have?


My gut feeling, is that this is not a network issue....

Kind of a big deal

Any settings in Wireles > Firewall which is resticting the bandwidth?

The following values are configured to unlimited in the Wireless firewall configuration.


Per-client bandwidth limit

Per-SSID bandwidth limit 

Kind of a big deal

Add me as another voice for "troubleshoot the non-network elements before blaming the network".


When I've run into this before at clients, it's usually due to problems with the print server (driver version often) or the printer itself. I can't think of a case where it's been an actual network issue, even though it was definitely affecting multiple users.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you plug a client in via a network cable and print is it still slow?  If so, it is not likely to be a network issue.

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