Issue with MS390 48P

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Issue with MS390 48P

Hi good day,


I just want to know what is the issue with MS390? Because we keep on having stp loops. Our firmware was upgraded last Oct 1 from MS 12.28.1 to MS 14.31. Then last Oct 4 the issue arise. The support also detects that there is a DHCP issue detected. As of now, the switches are stable.


Can anybody here enlighten me regarding the issue with MS390?


Thank you in advance. 

Kind of a big deal

Hi @Lourdes , unfortunately the MS390’s aren’t the most stable of devices. Have you gone through the firmware release notes and looked at the bug fixes and known issues?



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Hi Darren,


Nope, not yet. Maybe later I will read it.



I've read the firmware information and there is still a lot of issue with it. As the issue with DHCP, Management IP is unable to ping and has no loop detection.


Just recently today, I saw that 2 of our POE switch went down but came up after a minute. I check that logs but there are no logs regarding the downtime. I only see the port status change that went down and up. 


We need the logs from our report. What to do?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Lourdes speak to support, they can access backend logs

Getting noticed

Oh! So they are the only ones who can access it? Sad. Anyways, thank you for the info.


We upgraded our MS390 on 10/1 to 14.31 and we noticed on Monday morning we didn't have access to a Windows 2019 server. It was showing offline, since this is a VM I was able to connect to the server using the console. The first thing I saw was the ethernet icon had a yellow explantion point and I checked the settings and the server still had the correct static IP and DNS settings. I then noticed that the Windows Firewall settings showed it wasn't connected to the domain networks, and was connected to the private network. After I rebooted it worked correctly, but then a few hours later the settings had switched back and the server was offline again. We are only seeing this with our on prem Windows 2019 servers, and not with our 2012 servers. 


I found that the 2019 servers where showing an event id 4199 with a MAC Address associated with Meraki.





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