IGMP snooping not working on access switches

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IGMP snooping not working on access switches



We are implementing a network for AV applications, like Dante audio over IP, NDI and lighting control.


Last year, we implemented the core part and 3 access switches and this year we added quite a bunch of access switches.


Before this year's extension, we had IGMP snooping enabled on the whole network and things worked fine - all multicast traffic was flowing as expected.


The following multicast groups are used for all devices to work properly:

Group addressPortUsage Multicast Audio Multicast Audio (RTP / AVP port) 8700-8706Dante Control, 320PTP – 2338700 – 8708Multicast Control and Monitoring
239.16x.x.x ACN Yamaha
239.192.x.x-239.195.x.xSDT session, dyn. Based on IP and MAC Shure Logging (if enabled) 8427Multicast SLP Shure/Yamaha 1900SSDP, service discovery Shure SLP multicast address Shure (AES67 discovery)


After adding the access switches this year, we have a problems with multicast traffic reaching them from other switches. Only on the NEW switches. They are all connected over a trunk LAGG to the core switches with the same admin VLAN and allow all VLANs.



So we had to limit IGMP snooping to the core switches to re-gain normal functionality. This is a problem for access points and 100Mbps devices, we can't leave the network in this situation.


Does someone know what can be a problem for multicast traffic on Meraki switches? All switches are MS425-32, MS125-24/48.

And how on earth this problem happens only on new switches?? Is there a hardware change?










Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@dloeliger are the old and new access switches all the same MS125 models?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

And there are differences, the ms120-8p models we got a couple of months ago differ from the ones we received a year or so ago as the new ones experienced the PoE mis-location issue, but the old did not...

No, 24 and 48 ports models.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

IGMP snooping querier is enabled on each VLAN where needed.

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