Hybrid Work and Home Network

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Hybrid Work and Home Network

I'm seeking guidance about how best to setup the following network. I have a Meraki network at home that serves my personal network. It is run behind an MX100 and an MS210-48LP switch. Recently I started a new position and my company provided an MX64 VPN appliance configured by the studio. I currently have the following setup with the MX64 connected to the MX100 in the configuration below, and all works well. My workstation is successfully behind their VPN which is being provided internet access by my MX100. Ideally I would like to run my work workstation and peripherals off of my MS210 with the MX100 providing IPs to a range of ports and the MX64 allocated to another subset of ports while still being hosted by the MX100. Is the 'New' configuration possible and how best should I proceed with the configuration. Or simply is my current configuration ideal? 


The reason you might wonder... I have some very specific hardware to my job that I would like to take advantage of the MS210 and my Meraki network tools.  





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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It would require a bit of complexity but initial thoughts are that it should work.

You would need to ensure that:

- The mgmt connectivity for your switch goes via the MX100 (using a vlan and IP not present on the MX64)

- Home devices are on a different vlan to work devices

- The home devices vlan has a gateway interface on the MX100 and not the MX64.

- The work devices vlan has a gateway interface on the MX64 and not on the MX100

Kind of a big deal

On your MS210, configure Company ports as Access on a VLAN that is not currently in use on your Home MX, e.g. VLAN 999.

On the uplink port from the MS210 to the Home MX, prune VLAN 999 (Allow all, except 999).

On the Home MX, configure only relevant VLANs to be allowed on the trunk.

Ensure, that the Company has configure the Company MX LAN ports as access ports.

Connect one of the Company MX LAN ports to one of the Company Switch ports on the MS210.

LinkedIn ::: https://blog.rhbirkelund.dk/

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Here to help

I will give this a try in the following days and see if I can get it operational. Thank you for your guidance. 

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