Gratuitous ARP sent by Meraki MS 225 switches upon creation of an SVI?

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Gratuitous ARP sent by Meraki MS 225 switches upon creation of an SVI?



We are currently in the process of swapping out some Cisco core switches for Meraki MS225s.

The existing Cisco core switches host the gateways (as SVIs) for all local subnets at the site.

Clients in each subnet will already be holding an ARP cache entry that maps their configured gateway IP to the Layer 2 MAC address of the associated SVI on the Cisco core switches.


Once the gateways have been shutdown on the Cisco core switches and re-created on the new Meraki core switch stack, the clients' existing ARP cache entry for their gateway will now be invalid (mapping to what will then be an incorrect Layer 2 address).


Does anyone know if the Meraki MS 225s send out a gratuitous ARP upon the creation of an SVI (i.e. not in response to clients ARP requests, but of its own accord)? I've currently not been able to find any documentation on the Meraki website that states they do.

If they do, this will cause devices in each subnet to learn the new L3-to-L2 mapping for their gateway without me needing to logon onto those devices (particularly critical servers) and clear their ARP cache entry for their gateway.




Getting noticed

Did you ever get an answer to this?  I just ran into some Gratuitous arp stuff myself, and came across this post.  I didn't see an update, and was wondering if you got an answer outside of the community.

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