False number of clients

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False number of clients

Hi Everyone. Can anybody shine any light on this issue. One of our locations is reporting an exceptionally high number of clients. There can be no more that 100 at this location, yet it's reporting over 11000.


Is this a bug, or something that we can correct ?




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Try checking this out if you have not already. Client-Tracking Options - Cisco Meraki

If a new IP and MAC address are paired it creates a new client (Unique Client Identifier). Depending on how your network is setup it could be creating those clients for incoming traffic from your MX. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It's not a bad idea to check out the clients page on that particular network.

Possible causes include:
Open SSID that allows alot of guest users
Lot's of MAC randomization going on
Connection to other network for example your WAN of your firewall is connected to a switch in your dashboard network and your ISP has traffic between customer that bleeds over to the WAN.
Double counted traffic due to tracking via MAC address with L3 switch between them.

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