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DHCP Timeout-Cisco IP Phone

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DHCP Timeout-Cisco IP Phone

I am using Meraki MS 250,Cisco IP Phone 7961 and ISE 2.4.Here I configured Hybrid-Authentication as the access policy type and enabled Increase access speed. I assigned this access policy to a switch port configured with Voice Vlan. When I am connecting the IP phone to the switch port I can see MAB is successful on Cisco ISE but IP phone is not getting the IP address. In the status I am seeing IPV4 DHCP TIMEOUT on the phone( note: When I am going with only MAB on the access Policy it is working fine)

Any of you tired this use case and successful?

Kind of a big deal

Re: DHCP Timeout-Cisco IP Phone

I don't know the answer.  I would make sure you are using recent 10.x code on the switch.


It sounds like the MAB policy is not permitting access on the VoIP VLAN to the DHCP server - or is not permitting it quickly enough for the DHCP to succeed.


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