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Custom Pie Chart - Port Ranges Possible?

Comes here often

Custom Pie Chart - Port Ranges Possible?

Hi all, can anyone help? I'm trying to create custom pie chart slices based on port ranges (e.g. Veeam Back Traffic, TCP 2500-5000) but it appears I can only add a single port per slice. Can anyone confirm if there is a way to achieve this?


Thanks, Paul


Meraki Employee

Re: Custom Pie Chart - Port Ranges Possible?

@Paulo180 Noticed this question lingered for a while.  Sorry but no, not today, you can add IP ranges but not port ranges for custom pie slices.  Depending on how you want to use this, sounds like a good wish!  Discuss with your local Cisco/Meraki team and see if there's a feature request for this and if they can create one.


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