Cisco Meraki HTTP Proxy Process Question

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Cisco Meraki HTTP Proxy Process Question

Greetings All,


Does anybody have any references or documentation on the process to build a proxy server to be used for the HTTP Proxy functionality within the Meraki MS switches?  I'm getting the runaround internally from a number of people saying that we need to setup a Web Proxy in Server 2016, which requires AD FS, which we won't be utilizing. 


To give some context, here's our situation. 


A lot of our Meraki switches sit in a controlled environment.  Rather than opening up the firewall for the switches to communicate with the Meraki Cloud, we want to utilize a Proxy in our internal DMZ for the switches to communicate with the Meraki Cloud.  


I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to achieve this task and would appreciate any guidance or suggestions. 

Thank you

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Don't use Windows.  Too hard.


Use a free proxy like squid on Ubuntu. 

It is built into the Ubuntu repositories.


I also found these walk though instructions.  Don't be surprised if you finish 10 minutes after you start once Ubuntu is installed.  It's pretty simple.  It is also very reliable. 



If you are a sadist and really want to use Windows for this - I think you can get squid for Windows.

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