Cisco Catalyst 9300 to Meraki management- GA?


Cisco Catalyst 9300 to Meraki management- GA?


Is there a timeline for C9300's conversion to management-mode, to go GA? I know it's in public preview, but that's not viable option for a production environment until it goes GA. I can't find any documentation on it.

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Meraki Employee

So to clarify, only the conversion process is "beta" because the conversion/migration process will return the switch to factory defaults. Once the switch is in Meraki mode, it is fully GA. It runs the same firmware as the MS390 which is currently GA. 

The conversion process is improving and in the future, you'll be able to convert from unmanaged, to monitored to fully managed without loosing configuration.

Thanks Nico! If I'm reading documentation correctly, no meraki license will be required until the migration feature goes GA. Until Migration is GA, will Meraki support still support after the migration for the C9300 hardware/MS390 code with the previous C9300 support contract?

No license is currently required until it goes GA(Nov). You'll then have 30 days to migrate your license to Meraki if you want to keep it in managed mode. The license migration is easy, follow the guide below.

Here's a helpful guide on the migration process including license handling

Best of luck!

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