DHCP Relay not working

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DHCP Relay not working

Hello All,


We recently had an issue with DHCP exhaustion. It's time to size up. I've gone into my DC and set up a Scope, which i more or less cloned from an existing(working) scope, and adjusted the router 



in our infrastructure we have a layer 3 switch stack that we run our DHCP through


and I've adjusted the port that i'm testing on with the vlan that corresponds


can you guys give me some guidance, let me know what I might be missing here

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The configuration seems to be ok. Did you perform a packet capture?

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I did, I'm seeing a ton of retransmits on tcp, for when it was getting any kind internet- but there's a TON of sack-perm lines


Appears your uplink from the stack is sw3 port 43? That's showing a UDLD neighbor mismatch alert and claiming to be connected to sw5 port 38? Sw5 port 38 is blocking reporting seeing BPDUs from multiple senders. 


What is the physical topology of this stack with regards to its uplinks to presumably the MX250?

Here to help

The uplinks are MX250 p 3 to sw3 p 43

mx250 p 4 to sw5 p 38

and mx250 p5 to sw3 p 44 which is for the dmz

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