Can't see model of SFP module installed

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Can't see model of SFP module installed


According to this, I should be able to see the manufacturer / port speed / part number etc for installed SFP modules on my MS120 switches. I can't find any of this information in the switch port page in the dashboard. Has it moved, or what?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Hobbes  I see the below when I click on the switch port. What brand of SFP modules are you using, I would say some 3rd party units probably wont show up.


Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 9.10.44 AM.png

Nope, I can see the CDP/LLDP section where the two switches are listed (both MS120's) but there's nothing there for SFP module. As far as I know, they're supposed to be Meraki branded SFP modules, but I was hoping to avoid a 2-hour drive out to the site to verify.

@Hobbes  This might seem like a silly question and its in no way meant to sound rude but are you 100% you are looking at the right port. 


I have just double checked one of my switches which I know has a 3rd party module and it does show up information. 


Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 9.42.03 AM.png





I see what you mean, but like @BlakeRichardson I also have some non-Meraki SFPs installed on a lab switch and I see the information also right below the "VLANs match" information, even the serial number of the SFP.  If you're pretty sure you've got Meraki SFPs installed, might want to open a Support ticket, depending on which model of SFP, which model of switch, and which version of firmware, Support can advise if there's a known issue with reporting the transceiver information, or possibly be ableto see a deeper level of information that you can see natively in Dashboard.  So there's a chance they can save you that drive, might be worth checking.


Are you running 10.x (or better) firmware on your Merak switch?

Latest (10.45) firmware

Kind of a big deal

I believe you need to click the 'raw' button for that information to show up.
Nolan Herring |

This is from the Meraki SFP Overview article. JUst thought I would post this in case anyone was interested. 


Are other Cisco SFP/SFP+ parts certified to work with Cisco Meraki products?

Not at this time.

If I have a technical problem and am using non-certified optics, will Cisco Meraki Support provide assistance?

Cisco Meraki will still provide technical support and help troubleshoot the issue. However, if the problem is isolated or related to a link that is using non-certified optics, you may be asked to test using a certified part.

Comes here often

There is a bug in the MS-120 10.X firmware, so it don't show. In the beta firmware 11.X it is fixed

Getting noticed

This is an old post, but I did want to mention, that whether an SFP is supported or not there is no way (at least is seems) to see what SFP is plugged into a port, if the port is aggregated.  Once you aggregate the port you lose the ability to see the SFP details.  The only way I can see it, is if I unbundle the ports in the agg group, then look at the port details (thats not cool or kosher)

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