Can OSPF routes be summarized?

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Can OSPF routes be summarized?

We have several remote sites connecting to a central site. Up to now, our remote sites have mainly run on Cisco switches (4500X, 3850, and 9300s). I am trying to adapt a config of one of these to a new Meraki MS425-16. We are using EIGRP with the Ciscos and OSPF with the Merakis and redistributing. Is it possible to summarize the OSPF routes like we were doing on Cisco? For example, we have a lot of subnets in a format like:,,, etc.


I can't seem to find anything in the Dashboard or in searches to do summaries. Is this not possible with Meraki?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Unfortunately not, OSPF configurations are still very limited.

I am not a Cisco Meraki employee. My suggestions are based on documentation of Meraki best practices and day-to-day experience.

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