Can I connect two different switch?

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Can I connect two different switch?

Our office have two different brands switch, one is Huawei S5700 and the other is a Meraki switch, I want to know if I can connect this two switch.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yes you can. 

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Absolutely, you can connect S5700 with Meraki switch. If you have VLANs, you might have to configure the trunk communications a little differently on each, but it works.

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I've even connected a non-managed switch to an MS switch for a customer co-locating in the same office as one of our clients. I VLAN tagged the port on the MS uplink port then had the co-located client build their own network on the other side of their switch. Worked perfectly.

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I ran into a problem when Connecting to Cisco Catalyst switches. For some reason the Trunks between the switches put the Native VLANs into Blocking mode. It took hours of troubleshooting to realize that Spanning Tree was the cause of our headaches. Doing some googling it turns out that inconstancies in the Trunk causes Spanning Tree to block that native VLAN. 


I've always been against mixing and matching vendors when it comes to networking. Everyone does things their own way. Even though there are IEEE standards, everyone from Cisco to Apple implements protocols their own way and use different nomenclatures for things. 

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