Best way to clean Meraki switches


Best way to clean Meraki switches

About 4 weeks ago we recieved Very high proportion of CRC errors on one of our Merkai switches issue was resolved once we just reset cables. The issue not come up again but saw that issue might be happening because of switches might need to be cleaned. I wanted to see if getting Fiber optic clean pen is worth getting or would ear swape and ispropyl alchole be enough to clean ports on the switches

Kind of a big deal

Unless the issue happens again, I would not worry about it.  It is very unusual for a fibre circuit already in operation to develop an issue relating to foreign particles.

Kind of a big deal

@alehal how dirty are we talking, just a small amount of dust or do they look like they have been through a sand storm?

To be honest not really that dusty. Looking at them today

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