Bandwidth Policy!

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Bandwidth Policy!

I have created 50Mbps policy and apply it on a port through VLAN but port is giving above 70Mbps. Why is it so? 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You can't apply a group policy to an [MS] switch VLAN interface.  Can you be more specific how you applied this limit please, and the type of device.

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I am pretty sure he used the Wireless only - VLAN  field to tag a VLAN.

but khurram it's like Philip said, you cannot use Group Policies to shape traffic on a port.


Group policies define a list of rules, restrictions, and other settings, that can be applied to devices in order to change how they are treated by the network. 

So you will have to add the Group Policy to the specific device behind the port. 


Go to Monitor => Clients 

Search the Client you want to apply the group policy on and under the field Policy you can click on the word "normal" and select a Group Policy for that specific device.


Hope this helps!




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