ACL Limitations on MS425

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ACL Limitations on MS425



I am having issues trying to do full Meraki stack as there is a limitation of 128 ACLs and it seems that you can't create an ACL for (but can do destination ANY), which would allow me to just set certain allows and then a default DENY ANY ANY


So my question is how do I get around the ACL issue?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't know the answer.  Try asking support if the 128 limit can be increased.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

ps. You can usually use the word "Any" to represent any traffic destination.



I'm having the same problem. I can't add more than 128 ACLs, that's a big problem. 


I'm trying to find a solution with meraki support but for the moment is not an option. Someone have been add more ACLs?

This is a big issue on MS425 and a big limitation that I don't understand. There is no information about it on datasheet.


Someone have find a solution?


Thanks in advance, regards.


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We ran into the ACL limit years ago, and were told the switches could not handle more than 128 without becoming unstable. Will also add using ACLs compared to MX firewall rules is much more tedious, as you cannot group IPs and/or ports. Major pain in the butt. We ended up moving L3 back to MX, with the exception of some SQL and other server subnets. If I were starting fresh, I probably wouldn't use L3 switch for anything except maybe iSCSI or some other comparable protocol. 


finally meraki has not removed the limitation on my dashboard.
I will replace the switch and stop working with Meraki due to limitations.
Thanks for your help.


@RobertoBonilla thanks for the update, I had the same issue so ended up using another device for my L3 routing. Not sure why they have this limitation but there must be some reason behind it. 

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You need a Catalyst to do advanced stuff with ACLs, is what I would say.

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