granting view only access to cameras

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granting view only access to cameras



We recently installed several new meraki cameras. We have staff asking for viewing access to the system. Is it possible to add them with view only access so that they cant make changes?  Can they only have access to meraki vision and not the back end?  I noticed sso is an option but Google sso isnt supported.  Is that in the works for future?

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Yes, this is possible:

If you show them just the Vision Portal, that's what they'll use, as the full Dashboard won't allow them anything extra anyway, given their camera view only permissions.


Google I think adhere to using an exernal SAML IDP as the recommended way to do SSO - I don't think they are themselves an IDP (happy to stand corrected, if so).  Maybe try Okta - and use this (maybe also with Duo for 2FA?) for Google + Meraki + etc. etc.   (anything else supporting SAML)

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