cloud or storage?

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cloud or storage?


As I found security camera's video is stored on solid state storage,but when I use my dashboard,will  recordings  be downloaded from cameras? 

Kind of a big deal


Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel

As I understand Meraki Security camera system is same as nvr system.The main difference is that when using meraki you don't have nvr and using locally saved videos together in your dashboard in your browser.

Kind of a big deal

@Uberseehandel provided a great link.  You can export specific video clips, but on the whole, the bulk of the video is only stored on the camera.

NVR vs local storage is a great conversation. Both have their pros and cons. 


As @Uberseehandel has mentioned that information in that article explains exactly where you data is stored and how its accessed. 


At the end of the day remember that traffic and Data is not stored in Meraki Cloud only configuration and log information.



Meraki CMNO, Ruckus WISE, Sonicwall CSSA, Allied Telesis CASE & CAI

Correct, this is a fully NVR-less solution, all storage and processing/analytics is performed at the edge on the camera itself, and only metadata is passed to the cloud, so each camera is only putting a few Kbps onto the network if the video is not being actively streamed or exported.  The only time video is stored in the cloud is if you export it, the exported video will be encrypted and stored in the cloud for 30 days so it can be repeatedly downloaded if needed without having to re-retrieve it from the camera.  The maximum export length is 1 hour.  And you can of course do multiple exports, but you cannot leverage the cloud as an NVR.  If there are use cases and feature requirements for things like secondary streaming or NVR-like options, get these to your local Meraki teams so they can be tagged on any appropriate feature requests.


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