Video Wall Solution

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Video Wall Solution

I am using this as a VideoWall Solution. 

1) Upload firmware on cameras to support RTSP output. Enable it. 

2) Setup Raspberry Pi 4 with this:
Also look at this block post:

3) I seem to only really get 4 live streams at a time.  Them I have 4 off screen. 


Where we need some Meraki assistance. Only a HD signal is output from the camera. We really could use a slightly lower resolution from the cams.  The RPI will overload and crash if you try to put 9 cams per screen.  

Kind of a big deal

Are you running your cameras on the lowest quality setting possible (720p)?


I'm surprised the Raspberry Pi has enough GPU punch to do 4 video streams, so that is impressive.


This is the GPU requirements for monitoring video streams (note link is broken "right now" but it is being fixed up): 


I think your fundamental problem is the hardware you are using is not powerful enough.  You could use more raspberry pi's.


I tend to use Lenovo P330's which include a Nvidia P1000.  I find that it can handle up to 16 cameras just fine, and you can plug up to 4 monitors into it.


I do have all the cameras in 1080p standard mode with no audio. I will try a computer with a GPU game card also.  I have setup a few RPI's to pull a video stream.  I like them because they are small cheap and fast.  Dropping the camera to 720P does seem to help performance....but then my cameras are recording with the same quality. 


With cameras from Ubiquity and many others can output a few stream levels. 

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