Video Wall Freezes

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Video Wall Freezes

Hi All,


Recently rolled out some MV22W cameras and have a 3x3 (9 cams) video wall going. We're getting complaints from our end-users who monitor these feeds that after a couple days of continuously running the browser (Chrome) in this case, the browser would lock up and has to be closed by forcing it out via task manager. 


We also setup a test rig and let it run over the weekend and came into a frozen video wall via chrome. We have tried edge and it does seem a bit more stable, however it works for more than 3 or so days before it crashes.


has anyone encountered this or does anyone know of a solution to fix it? We can try the vision portal but the streams are super delayed compared to the video wall.


Thank you!

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Please open a Support case so they can engage Eng if needed

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