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Temperature Measuring Security Cameras


Temperature Measuring Security Cameras

Does Meraki have a security camera purposed for remotely reading temperatures of people visiting an area and sending alert on identified individuals with high temperatures as a way to minimize risks of coronavirus and ebola and other diseases in customer environment?

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Re: Temperature Measuring Security Cameras


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Re: Temperature Measuring Security Cameras

Not at this time, there is no thermal imaging on the Meraki MV cameras.  But be aware there are some significant complexities and concerns about how accurately cameras with thermal sensors work and can send meaningful alerts. 


The detection accuracy can vary quite a bit, the position and orientation of the camera can change things, the movement of people and the angle at which they are being seen also adds variables.  The spacing of people also factors in, such as everyone filtering through a common set of doors versus being more spread out across a venue.  Even things like how fast are they moving, were they just exercising, walking outdoors in the sun on a warm day, or maybe rode a bicycle to work and the main entrance camera shows an overall elevated body temp... versus someone who might actually have a low fever and doesn't realize it, rode a bicycle to work in cooler weather and doesn't register or is still wearing layers of clothing and headgear. Even wearing eye glasses can skew the readings.


There are so many variables, and there is really no common standard of accuracy and detection performance for cameras with thermal detection capabilities.  So different vendors will make different claims, your best bet is to be skeptical and test, test, and test again as you manipulate different variables. Also consider pixel density (pixels per foot) as one of the factors, you may have to test several times at different zoom factors.


Any solution that works really well (such as automatically sending you a proactive alert when there is suddenly a spike in the number of febrile people within a given area) is likely going to be extremely expensive.


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Re: Temperature Measuring Security Cameras

Hi buddy, at this moment no there is nothing as such.

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