Side-By-Side Video Export

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Side-By-Side Video Export

Our camera is used to observe courtroom proceedings in order to provide performance evaluations for judges. Our recording from the MV32 is exported and then sent to observers. However, we would like to have the ability to display a view of the camera pointed at the judge placed alongside a second view of the camera pointed at the litigant. The fisheye view is simply too warped to feasibly be used for observations. So far I have just had to export two separate videos of the camera pointed in different directions, which causes problems of its own. Is there any way to have two different views from the same camera extracted into a single video?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

A newly released feature allows you to add a de-warped view of a camera to a video wall.  But I'm pretty sure you can still only add one camera to a wall at a time.


The easiest solution I can think of is to open to browser windows and put them side by side on the screen.  Each displaying the same camera de-warped pointing in different directions.

I have these two dewarped views already set up on my video wall, which is great for us, but only half of what we need. If there's a way to extract both views into one file that would be ideal, but when I try to extract the video wall I just end up with one fisheye view. Unfortunately, we are unable to link directly to the video wall stream for our observers due to confidentiality issues.

That functionality is not there at the moment. Export twice and stitch together may be an option?

@mpitcher This can't be done out of the box, you would need to run the footage through video editing software and set them up as picture in picture or something.

ffmpeg is well regarded if you don't mind the command line, so I think @BrechtSchamp  has some merit.



I was going to say it might be simpler and cheaper to buy an additional pair of MV12 cameras ...

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