Remove "trailing" from images

Getting noticed

Remove "trailing" from images

What is the setting to remove the "trailing" object from an image?  Please see screenshot attached.



Kind of a big deal

@BobaTeaGood  Was the image received in an email notification or some other method?

This image was sent to Plate Recognizer. So I saw this on Plate Recognizer dashboard.  

That is called Motion Recap.


You can find this setting by going to a camera, then to Settings, then to Quality and Retention, and then finally going down and ENABLING Restricted Bandwidth mode.  The only featured disabled by doing this today is Motion Recap.  That should help you out with your Plate Recognizer integration.

Thanks Larry_Woods.


From my understanding, enabling restricted bandwidth mode would prevent images from being sent to Plate Recognizer entirely.  Is that true?  

Trying to test this to see if that is the case.  I am on the 2500 free plan and doesn't reset until the Oct 10th.  I think it should work but want to make sure.  Can you test on your end?

I am 99% sure that even if you turn off motion recap - WebHooks still sends them.

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