Planing: Survey Tool updates and enhancements request

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Planing: Survey Tool updates and enhancements request

Hello Meraki,


would it be possible to upgrade and enhance the MV Survey Tool in order to have a more professional planing and MV survey tool for partners?


The most recent cameras are not included and the tool would need to be greatly enhanced to be really useful.


- Distances in Meters

- All Camera Types

- Updated resolutions and data retention calculation


Feature and enhancement request:

- Cloud Backup calculator/selector

- Export of Maps and device lists together (a real survey report)

- Choice of multiple export formats (.pdf, jpg,...) of maps, lists and device info, because .svg is not the best choice for the export today.

- Accessories selector menu (PoE, mounting accessories)


In my expectation, using the survey tool output, partners should be able to complete directly an estimate or a deal.








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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Saralyn may be able to help with this. Fingers crossed its still active and hasn't been deprecated and just not removed.

Some people in the forum already pointed le lack of features and usability of the survey tool in 2018 and showed the following third party tool as an example how it should work. Nothing happened during this time-lapse of four years.


Meraki, wake up, if you want to buy cameras outside the USA, because the ip camera place in the video surveillance market ist very busy, and the networkers are your first customers and boosters 😉


We need a correct planing tool online or as an install package for certified partner as a download gift for friends 😅





Hello Blake,


what's your plan for this thread and how will you be able to help?



Here to help


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