Placing MV Cameras on Map

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Placing MV Cameras on Map

Hello Community!


We are in the process of deploying 11 MV cameras across two sites, but we cannot work out how to move MV devices on the map. No options to drag and drop, inputting address in the Network section gets the camera 'roughly' where it needs to be, but we cannot place on a map or floor plan. 


Also there does not appear to be a way to see all the cameras on one map?!?


Hope you can help - possibly a daft question; but we are stumped.

Kind of a big deal

Currently the MV's map location is determined by the address you put in on the Network tab. As you see, it's an approximate location via Google Maps. There is currently no true floor plan support for the MV as there is with MR. 


I'd suggest putting in a wish on the Location tab describing what you'd like to see (I know others would like to see MV floor plan functionality as well).


Thank you!


Ah, that is a pity. But I will put a wish/request in. I naively thought the functionality would be there as it is with the APs.


Let's hope that will come through at some point as it is, to my mind, an odd omission. 

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