New Feature: Move cameras between networks and retain video

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

New Feature: Move cameras between networks and retain video

When moving cameras from one network to another, we now have the option of choosing to either retain to delete the video. The default option is to not retain the video which is inline with how this feature used to work. The historical video is retained if "Retain Video" is set to "Yes".
This update was created in response to customers wanting cross network video walls which are not currently available. This allows cameras to be put in one large network or moved out of one large network, based on the video wall requirements. Updated video wall capabilities to provide a more seamless experience are planned for a future release.
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There are three settings and functionality that are affected by the network move:
1. Recording schedule from the initial network is not retained. The destination camera will need the scheduled to be re-applied. On the other hand, if the camera was using motion based retention, it will continue to do so after the move.
2. Motion Alerts will have to re-enabled.
3. Motion Search -  While the historical video exists after the move, the historical video from the earlier network will not be motion searchable. The video after the move will continue to be motion searchable.
Other settings on the camera are retained after the network move. Documentation can be found here
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Kind of a big deal

So is this a trick then to deleting all video on the SD-CARD since there is no ability to do so currently?

Nolan Herring |


Kind of a big deal

Nice. Strange that motion search is not available on that footage though. Bit of a bummer.

New here

May I ask, how do I view the retained video when the camera is moved?

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