MV72 Camera to mounting plate screws?

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MV72 Camera to mounting plate screws?

I am inquiring if the screws to connect the MV72 camera to the mounting plate are included?  The screws to attach the mounting plate to the building substructure are there.  The screws to connect the camera to the mounting plate are not in either new box or device.  These appear to be very fine machine screws.  Are these included?  If not does anyone have the specification for the size, threads etc.

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@JCK001 I am pretty sure the screws to mount the camera to the bracket are captive screws that are already in the camera.

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The camera face plate to the camera body are captive. There were none in the boxes or embedded in foam etc.  I ended up just buying some at at hardware store metric 3 x 18 MM pan head machine screws did the trick.  Don't bother with washers.  The holes are slightly tapered and will jam the washers part way in forcing you to pry them out.  The pan head held the camera body securely to the mount. 


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