MV52 802.3at power requirements

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MV52 802.3at power requirements

I installed some of the new MV52 cameras over the last couple of days and they work great.

They really do need more than 15.4 watts of PoE power. And it's not even cold enough yet

to run their heaters. We may get to see that later this week here in Oklahoma.


Camera power drawCamera power draw

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

@jbright  Agreed, like the 72/72X they do want/need AT power at boot (regardless of temperature) for the on-board chassis heater element.  To some extent, the camera itself can almost act like its own heater but only up to a point of course.  I'm closer to the east coast in the NJ/NYC area and have seen a few heater events hit the event log for mine, right around the freezing mark as expected. 

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