MV22 camera failures - looking for causes/reasons

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MV22 camera failures - looking for causes/reasons

Hello. We have a 100 MV camera implementation. Overall we are very satisfied and we love Meraki and the MV line. One problem we have is that in our initial 12 month implementation, we've had about 8 camera failures. 6 where the camera continues to get power, but cannot connect to the cloud (multi color light cycling). 2 where we lost power as well, so the camera doesn't come online at all.


In all cases, Meraki support has been superb and cameras have been replaced. However, I have no info on what caused the failure. I cannot pin point if there was a power outage that triggered the failure, or some other behavior in our network.


Cameras are all wired to a Brocade POE switch, or in some cases a Netgear un-managed POE switch. Failures have happened on both.


If the answer is normal that it happens here and there, that's OK, but I have to think there is something to this that can be troubleshoot.


On the 6 cameras with power but no data connection, the camera is extremely hot, almost too hot to handle. On the 2 with no power, well, there cameras are completely dead.


Thanks for any insight.


(We also have MV72s, but none of those have failed. Only MV22s).

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I haven't done many MV22's, but I have had zero issues with the others (MV12, MV72 and the newer MV22X and MV72X).

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