MV12 external RTSP remote stream

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MV12 external RTSP remote stream



I see in the Meraki documentation that RTSP video stream has the following limitation "No built-in remote access. The link will only work when streaming locally."

I need to stream the MV12 camera video to a web page on the internet. This way, people who access this site need to see the video stream, but they will not be on the same network that the MV12 will be connected to. Is there any way to accomplish this?





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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@luisbergamim  "I need to stream the MV12 camera video to a web page on the internet." this part isn't possible as the MV will not send its RTSP stream anywhere, you have to navigate to the device to access the stream. 


You might be able to embed and viewer on a website that access the cameras RTSP stream using port forwarding but I can't imgaine that being very reliable. 

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To clarify, is the goal to provide unauthenticated access to anyone who wants to see the stream?

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@luisbergamimkeep in mind, that the RTSP stream has a limit of 2 connections. So the 3th person won't see the camera stream.

What you can do (which is also a more secure way).

Use a software to capture the RTSP stream and put it on the website. From there it can be streamed to many devices. The limits here are just the server specs.

There are many different software solutions for this, but I don't have much experience in them for a suggestion

I like what @Greenberet says.  You might even be able to use a streaming service to do this for you.

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