MV camera works for a short time and then looses connection

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MV camera works for a short time and then looses connection

So at the moment I have a trial with meraki for both MV32 and MV72. This to try the new sense license and integration to


But it seems that both cameras behave exactly the same:

The connect just fine and show up in the dashboard, then after a few minutes they disconnect and will not go online again until I reset them. After that it is just the same and they work and then go off line after a few minutes.


I have tried these in to different locations and on both a traditional 2960 legacy deployement and a full stack Meraki connected to the internet, apart from an MX there is no security appliance between the cloud and the stack either as internet is provided with a media converter from fiber and directly into the MX.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

When the cameras first come online out of the box they encrypt their hard drives.  This can take quite a while.


Let them for 30 minutes and come back and they should be fine.


ps. I'm assuming you are using a wired connection.

Well it has been connected for since 02. feb. via ethernet, it seems that they recieve an IP from wireless and then change to another IP, which is the same every time.

I\m using wired connection.

@Kenneth  There isn't an open wireless network they are latching onto?

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