MV Camera, wall dashboard timeout/logout and 2FA - not ideal for un-interupted viewing

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MV Camera, wall dashboard timeout/logout and 2FA - not ideal for un-interupted viewing

We have 12 MV Cameras and a full suite of Meraki products which we manage from a single dashboard i.e MX, MS, MR, MDM, MV.


We have a small hospital that has 3 monitoring rooms that we have to provide (legally) a constant stream of video.  We don't use retention and it has to be a live feed monitoring for safety reasons i.e real time accident response.


We recently adhered to guidelines by Cyber essentials in enforcing geo-locational dashboard login and also 2 Factor authentication using google authenticator.


This is all very well for admin changes to a switch or AP etc but when you need someone to constantly monitor a video screen it's a nightmare.  The screen often times out and they have to log back in and most staff are non-technical so having to navigate to google authenticator on a mobile etc to log back in means a patient could have had an accident in that time and staff will have missed it.


So far Meraki support have said the only option is to peel out the Camera network into a new organisation meaning we now have 2 dashboards to monitor/configure our network - defeating the whole point of the solution.  Even on a separate org we'd still probably need to login every 30days aswell....?


Does anyone know of a better solution or should we have gone with a different, more suited, traditional CCTV system?


I've come to learn that Meraki product development can be very stubborn and slow to react to customer outcry as they have done with IKEv2 etc and they won't release roadmaps either so noone knows what is to come.

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

if your concern is just that the screen timeouts. You may use any chrome screen refresh plugin. These plugins refreshes the screen at fixed interval which stops the session from timing out. 

@Mahi_Meraki_guy solution is the easy one.

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