MV Camera API - video link returned redirects to the dashboard


MV Camera API - video link returned redirects to the dashboard

Hi everyone,


I have been playing around with the camera APIs for an interesting use case for a potential customer. 


I work in Postman, and have succeeded in calling 

GET /networks/[networkId]/cameras/[serial]/videoLink  

However, the URL that is returned does not seem to be working (both inside Postman and in the browser), as it redirects me to the general dashboard. Does anyone have a suggestion for what is going on? 

Thank you very much!  

Head in the Cloud


With my Zero Knowledge with APIs.

I hope you are using the following Url Format.

Note I may be completely Wrong.

A model citizen

I've tried to export or publish video from the camera's as well and noticed it sends you back to a logon page from the meraki dashboard. 


Have u tried the snapshot API? This one sends out a screenshot. If that one works I guess this might be a permissions issue? 



Generate a snapshot of what the camera sees at the specified time and return a link to that image.
[optional] The snapshot will be taken from this time on the camera. The timestamp is expected to be in ISO 8601 format. If no timestamp is specified, we will assume current time.

Hi Ben,


Yes, the snapshot API works, but the video does not for some reason. 

Kind of a big deal

The API does not support directly exporting the video. The link it sends is for authenticated users only, hence why it sends you to the dashboard. You could use the share link, but you would need to hardcode user credentials into the script to access it. I think it is going to be more complicated than its worth.


That being said you can export the video from the dashboard to a mp4 video file.

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