Large Scale Camera Deployment Naming Convention

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Large Scale Camera Deployment Naming Convention

Hi all,


With large scale camera deployments, how do you name your cameras across the Meraki platform?


The floor map placement is great, but to help with zoning and camera purposes, I would be interested in how others have named their cameras across a 100+ size installation.


Any tips would be appreciated, thanks all!

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Kind of a big deal

You can differentiate by the location of the object such as:


  • Subsidiary city
  • Building number
  • Floor/Level number
  • Room number
  • Factory line number


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I have struggled with this same question as we roll out our 100 cameras. We have 1 site with 3 buildings and 2 divisions.


Buildings: School, Church, Parish Hall

Divisions: School, Church


I considered 2 networks, one for school and one for church, but decided against it and went with all 100 in one network.


I have applied tags to distinguish between areas within the school, classrooms vs. offices, etc.


And I'm using a standard naming convention to help with "sort by name." I start with Church or School, and then follow a somewhat consistent rule of room number, teacher name, and maybe a major tag.


I'm not 100% sold on this, but it is working as of now.


Related to this, I submitted a wish list to Meraki to allow grouping of cameras (banding, grouping) by some tag or some other method. These groupings could be collapsible and offer some summary data when rolled up. Verkada has something on this and I wish Meraki did as well.

Esteban J Nunez
School and Church
K-12 Education
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Adding screen cap of our current naming/tags.Annotation 2019-07-22 213933.png

Esteban J Nunez
School and Church
K-12 Education

Make note of what @EJN  did as well.  With the tags function, you don't necessarily have to worry much about naming conventions.  Tags are a great way to find a camera!  

@TheChad  @EJN  Thanks for pointing out the use of tags.  I didn't even think about using tags for cameras.  Thanks!

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