LPR integrated with Meraki Cameras - BETA

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LPR integrated with Meraki Cameras - BETA

Hi Meraki community, we just launched our license plate recognition that's integrated with Meraki cameras!  Go here for more info: https://platerecognizer.com/integrations/meraki/


Let me know if you're able to take it for a test drive! Would love your feedback!


Btw, we noticed a bug (which I will file on another thread).  The bug is with the Send Test Webhook.  We tried to send it a few times but it did not seem to work.  Basically, sharedSecret is "" but should be "secret". This issue is in Step 2 of Set Meraki Camera Webhooks to Plate Recognizer from our Integration Steps: https://platerecognizer.com/integrations/meraki/




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You should list your app here:


Yes - we are engaging with the Meraki team to get the app listed there!  Hopefully the process can be quick. 

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

This looks great! Going to check this out.

Great George!  Ping us when you sign up... and we'd love to say hi!

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