Industrial design of cameras

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Industrial design of cameras



With the current internal design of the MV71 (And possibly MV21) it is incredibly difficult to connect a Cat 6 Krone series brand of patch lead without having to modify the boot.  The bending radius is incredibly tight


This is poor design and should be addressed in future hardware builds of the unit to allow for patch leads to be used successfully


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Hello @barryf2031, this is a valid point you've made. I can't say i've came across this issue however have only wired up Cat 5 e cables with MV71 deployments. @GeorgeB is the MV product manager so I'm sure he'll have some input to your points,


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Thank @barryf2031 for noting this, Meraki does value all feedback both positive and negative and your objection is noted.  A great deal of thought is poured into all Meraki hardware design, and Meraki is fully aware the MV physical installation is a critical element to both a customer's overall experience and the capabilities of the video surveillance solution.  For example, bonding the MV21 dome and camera mounting plate into a single unit along with a hand-removable bubble for optical adjustments, right down to the way the foam tray holds the tools and screws and even optimizing the size/shape of the installation guide for use on a ladder.  With additional feedback and Dashboard wishes, Meraki can take that many more data points into consideration for future iterations of the hardware, so thanks for sharing and thanks for joining the Meraki Community.


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