Improved motion-based retention with custom-shaped areas of interest

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Improved motion-based retention with custom-shaped areas of interest

Motionless video is boring to watch, consumes precious time when investigating incidents, and requires a significant amount of storage to retain. To combat these issues, Meraki MV smart cameras offer motion-based retention. With motion-based retention, the cameras retain continuous recording for the previous 72 hours, after which video containing no motion is discarded. 


However, not all motion is important or relevant to the business. As a way to increase retention and avoid irrelevant motion, camera administrators can define custom areas of interest such that MV only records motion in a defined area. 


In the past, these areas of interest were limited to rectangular shape. While this worked for many applications, like a door, it didn't work so well for others.


Introducing custom polygon-shaped areas of interest!

To optimize the motion-based retention, we are excited to announce that all MV cameras now support custom-shaped areas of interest. Camera administrators can draw custom polygon shapes to define specific areas where they would like to record motion.


For example, polygon-shaped areas of interest can be used to capture a section of a doorway or select a specifc area where staff is. 






For the adventurous types, polygon-shaped areas of interest can be used to capture the perfect video of wildlife in your backyard 🦌 (if it enters your perfectly shaped area of interest, of course!)



Customers that have already defined an area of interest with the rectangular tool for motion-based retention, the selection will be preserved. However, any changes or edits will need to be redrawn with the polygon tool.  


Please note that the polgyon tool is only available for motion-based retention at this time, not other features that enable motion selection, like motion search and motion alerts. 


For more information, please refer to the Meraki documentation.

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