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Feature Request - MV Line



I'd like to request push alerts on movement for some models ( set by times etc ) 


Also for the mobile app - the ability to tile multiple camera's would be amazing. We have clients that would like to use an iPad on a wall to have the camera's up on and currently it can't be done. Unlimited login ( on the local LAN only perhaps ) with tiled screens would be Heart


Hey team, just to close out this thread, you may have noticed that motion based alerting is now available on all MV models.  Go check it out!  For more info just go to Help > New Features in Dashboard.  Enjoy.

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Hey @Nick_Barron, some great feature requests ideas there.I too also would love the ability for the MV cameras to send push alerts when motion is detected within a certain area. 


My recommendation would be to "Make a wish" Within dashboard for these features and also reach out to your local Meraki sales Rep if these features requirement are pending a sales deal.


In regards to the Camera wall on IPAD, have you tried just using the native google chrome browser and logging into dashboard this way to see the camera wall?


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Thanks - Will do


As fo the iPad it doesn't scale correctly for four camera's and will log you out after a while. 


Ideally what we need is the app to support video walls and keep you logged (tick box or something like that)

Thanks for the feature request, good input.  Note that these community forums are not the best or official way to raise an FR, but  definitely send your ideas and use cases through your Meraki sales team, or through your Cisco/Meraki Partner to bounce to the corresponding Meraki sales team.  They can confirm if your FR is already in our system, and if it is, add you into it, and if it's not, perhaps create the FR and update the MV team with your input. 


I have no roadmap info to share, but motion based alerting is a common request.  The issue is that we've all seen motion based alerting before, and in many cases there can be so many alerts that it only trains you to ignore them.  Time-based motion alerting might only help so much.  So while I'm sure such a feature can and should be developed, I'm sure we're going to want to make it "smart" so it would only send you alerts when there's some meaningful or significant type of motion to report, and that gets pretty complex pretty fast.  Anyway, stay tuned, and keep reporting your wishes and use cases so the team can categorize and prioritize feature development.

Thanks for the suggestions


I'll follow up with the sales rep for our area. 


Understand about the motion sensing.


Regarding the Android suggestion - I don't think this would help as we'd still have the issue of logging out and not being able to view the video wall correctly on a mobile device through the app or online? 


Plus we'd only use iPads 😄



All responses we see from Meraki regarding motion based alerts just seem to be an excuse for Meraki not being able to develop and release the feature. Getting too many alerts or how to manage it is customer's choice. Feature should exist regardless. And "too many alerts" problem is smartly handled by Swann and most of the other companies by selecting the specific area where motion alert is required and other smarter ways to filter only interesting alerts. Not to mention, those cameras cost a fraction of cost compared to Meraki and do a pretty good job at all the features offered. Not sure, although Meraki being enterprise grade and so expensive, still lacking so behind in smart features on their cameras. Would definitely like to know when are such features being released to customers?

Hey team, just to close out this thread, you may have noticed that motion based alerting is now available on all MV models.  Go check it out!  For more info just go to Help > New Features in Dashboard.  Enjoy.

Gyro sensors in cams to be able to note when someone takes out a cam would be good. Probably seen this request a million times already...

Absolutely. This is required for certain areas. At least be able to have a script so you can use a service like push over. Ideally, the notification should also include an image of the detected motion.
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What about using multiple cheaper Android tablets? Using an iPad for something like this sounds rather expensive.
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Nick_Barron wasn't the problem that you needed to tile multiple cameras?  If you only had to have a single camera on each device wouldn't the issue go away?


I'm saying that Android tablets are so much cheaper than iPads simply by multiple Android tablets - one for each camera that you want in your wall.


Another really cheap option might be to use a Raspberry Pi and the chromium web browser - and plug it into a big TV screen.

Ah I see what you are saying, it is that we need to get more than 1 camera up. Currently 6-8 so we'd end up with a large wall of them! Ideally this would be matrixed on an iPad


Putting them on one wouldn't stop us being logged out though unfortunately 🙂 

You should "ping" this thread.



Note that GeorgeB on this thread is the MV camera product manager ...

Ah good shout - thanks for the info on GeorgeB


I already replied to that thread before I created mine 🙂 

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