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Facial Recognition / ANPR


Facial Recognition / ANPR

Morning all,


I'm looking at a deployment of MV cameras to allow for facial recognition (internal and external cameras) and ANPR (external cameras only). Does anyone have any documentation on the 3rd party products that would be required to allow for this functionallity? Looking at MV72 and mainly MV32W for the hardware.


Many thanks

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Re: Facial Recognition / ANPR

Curious to hear your use case. Check out this doc!mqtt/what-is-mqtt

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Re: Facial Recognition / ANPR

check this post:


I did some test with vehicles, for facial recognition i suppose is going to be similar, you can get a screenshot and forward to an api to do the recognition (





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Re: Facial Recognition / ANPR

I've written an ANPR integration for and  I'd personally recommend - cheaper and better. 


The same script can also use Amazon AWS Rekognition to identify a persons age range, gender and emotional state.



I'm playing with facial recognition (using Amazon AWS Rekognition).  Not sure if I'll release that publicly or not.  The potential for abuse is much higher.



For ANPR make sure you use the MV72X or MV72.  Try and get the MV72X if you can.  The greater the detail the better.


For people recognition try and spring for an MV22X.  If that is too expensive then you can use an MV12 (or any second generation camera).  The camera needs to be able to capture a good full on picture of the persons face and it should fill most of the frame.  You don't want to be capturing images from high above or on a great angle.

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