Exporting time over 3 and a half hours

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Exporting time over 3 and a half hours

I am looking at using these cameras for our Police Station, but after testing it seems impossible.



1. Exporting takes way too long. Download and processing for a video of 2.5 hours (typical arrest footage needed) took over 3.5 hours to complete. To boot we would have to do this for the three cameras in our booking area.

2. Downloading video after export - 3.6GB file, on a 300/300 pipe is estimating at 14 hours to complete. Current bandwidth utilization is at 10% of our available bandwidth.

3. Builtin microphone doesn't pick up very well.


If anyone has any ideas I would be open to listening as we have these cameras in other locations and I like them, but it may not be a good fit for this need.



Kind of a big deal

It sounds like the Meraki cameras may not be a good fit for this use case.


You can schedule the video export (for example, schedule it to run over night).



Often people use the option of generating a link for exported video, but I can see this is not suitable for your case.  I can imagine if you had a long running trial you might need to refer back to it perhaps years later.

I've mostly seen the video export feature being used for "minutes" of video, rather than "hours".

Meraki Employee

This sounds unusually long for the size of link you have said you have. Please raise a support case to get it investigated. 

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