Cisco acquires Modcam

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Cisco acquires Modcam

Hi folks @Meraki


you just made my day with the news, that Cisco just acquired Modcam 😀

@Saralyn @GeorgeB Is there a roadmap of what we can expect from this deal?

Will we finally get real retail analytics? And if so, when? 😉


I would appreciate to get some further information...



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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

We are so excited to have the Mod.Cam team join our Camera Intelligence group at Meraki. At a high level we will be integrating the team and technology into MV, but this will take time and you won't be seeing anything this calendar year. Ultimately what you will see as an outcome is high precision, cross camera locationing and journey pathing. This will be offered to all customers at no extra cost (i.e. no advanced license needed), and will enhance developers and partners offerings as all the data will be published within the existing MV Sense API and license.

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