New MT Reports (beta)

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New MT Reports (beta)

MT Reports (beta) offer a completely new way to experience sensor data and analyze trends. Reports are automatically generated and compare data from one week to the previous week. Usage statistics show you the most active sensors and if the alerts are increasing or decreasing. 


At the top you'll find an overview of all the sensors in the network. Each tile contains the number of alerts, the highest measured value, and the percent change compared to the previous week. The date range, can be adjusted to view trends from previous weeks. 



As you scroll down the page, you'll see graphical reports of the most active sensors and how they were trending. For example, here we see the MT10 in Folsom Lake had 42 alerts this week, which was 17% more than the previous week. We can also see that the temperature spiked to 90 degrees F, which is abnormal compared to the previous week. This could possibly indicate an issue with the HVAC system that needs addressed. DavidH_1-1645025011053.png


Please let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments below!

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@David-H It looks like a good new feature, but I have a one issue:


Only where MT10 sensors have both temperature and humidity profiles do we get the top graph populated, where we only have temperature thresholds we get an insufficient data icon.

New here

Hi. Good to see the reports section, 

When we can have an option to select which sensors to include on the reports ?

When we have loads of sensors in same are and need specific ones on a reports, we can have it now , 

Anytime soon ?


Hi @Mari-Max I would love for the development team to see this question. Could you please click the "Give your feedback" button on the bottom righthand side of the dashboard and enter this question? This will send it directly to the development team.  Thanks!




New here

Done! Cheers, hope will have this option soon. 

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