Introducing the MT11 Temperature Probe Sensor!

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Introducing the MT11 Temperature Probe Sensor!



The new MT11 temperature probe sensor is designed to provide remote visibility into refrigerated environments and help organizations protect their perishable goods. Temperature-related issues with operational assets can be identified the moment they occur, and real-time alerts empower businesses to take action to minimize inventory loss, prevent spreading food-borne illness, and ensure compliance with regulatory bodies.


MT11 has two temperature probe options for flexible monitoring. The bare metal temperature probe is more sensitive to momentary fluctuations in temperature (e.g. opening a freezer door) and is ideal for monitoring sensitive goods that could be affected by a sudden change in air temperature. The glycol-encased temperature probe provides a temperature buffered option that is less prone to sudden fluctuations and is designed to monitor the the actual temperature of goods being stored.


The integration of MT11 into the cloud-based Meraki platform along with simple, secure provisioning enables businesses of all sizes to rapidly scale and deploy thousands of sensors across many sites. Organizations ultimately receive peace of mind knowing their investments are protected and their customers are receiving products that have been stored at safe and proper temperatures.


Learn more at or register for an upcoming live webinar on July 8, 2021.

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