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web usage report

Getting noticed

web usage report



I am brand-new to Meraki (but not new to network security devices) and need help locating a feature:  how do I create a report of a particular user's internet usage?  I need to see the websites this user has been accessing for a particular time period. It would be nice if I could also see the time spent browsing.  and of course, the ability to export this report so that I can provide it to the employee's manager is required.


every firewall/security device I have ever worked with has included this function but I can't find it on the Meraki.  Can someone point me in the right direction?

Zane D - IT Manager in Sin City NV
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Re: web usage report

The best you can do is:

Network-Wide/Clients/<select time span at the top>/<select the client>/<click "show details" on the right


To get detailed info you need "Traffic analysis" set t collect host names under Network-Wide/General.


Getting noticed

Re: web usage report

thanks, that gets me close to what I need...can't export it though to provide to non-IT staff.


and I've used some, specifically Fortigate, that do a great job of analyzing the web conversation and grouping all of the requests together...Meraki's is not a very complete solution compared to other products.

Zane D - IT Manager in Sin City NV
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Re: web usage report

Take a look at the Summary Report feature - I don't know if you can get as granular to export a report to a specific client, however, gives you something to work with. 

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