vMX100, two Azure subscriptions, and connectivity

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vMX100, two Azure subscriptions, and connectivity

Hi all! First time poster here. I need some assistance with my Azure vMX setup, please and thank you. I have two Azure subscriptions, A and B. Both have virtual networks in the same region, East US. the vMX100 is in Subscription A in its own vnet and resource group. In order to "talk" to subscription B, I created a vnet to vnet gateway VPN connection between the two subscriptions in subscription A. In subscription A, the vMX100's vnet is peered with the VPN vnet. The route table is in the vMX resource group. In subscription B, there is one vnet. In that vnet is the Azure Windows VM, gateway VPN, and a route table. The vMX can successfully ping the Windows VM. The Windows VM can successfully ping the vMX. However, the 3 MXs cannot ping anything past the vMX. The Windows VM cannot ping the MXs or anything past the vMX.


Thoughts? Suggestions? Thank you!

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I wrote a blog post about the setup of a vMX into Azure cloud, especially because the Azure static routes configuration on the Meraki documentation is not 100% accurate.

I hope this may help you: https://aboutnetworks.net/deploy-a-cisco-meraki-vmx-into-azure/


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