traffic management on an MX under Templated control

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traffic management on an MX under Templated control



I"m using a template with the Global preferences on the Primary uplink which is set as "WAN2"

For one of the networks on the template, I will have to direct the MS Teams traffic to WAN1 only.

The Teams network uses TCP Port 3480 in my case. 


The subnets are assigned to the individual network by the LAN subnet setting.

The source subnet is  and which need to reach MS Teams through WAN1 with TCP Port 3480. I was looking at options such as Group Policy.



I was using Flow preference on the template to redirect.


But then I get an error



Is there a way to make it happen w/o taking the network out of template?



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I haven't tried using flow preference in a template.


It looks like you'll need to specify "any" as the source, rather than a specific subnet.

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