replace MX64 and retain settings

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replace MX64 and retain settings

I took a lighting strike the other night and my MX64 was a causality,  I do not get any lights and cannot access it - it served me well.


I order a replacement device and started planning the replacement and wanted to know what is the easiest way to copy the configuration to the new device, including the license - my config while not elaborate worked perfectly. what is the best way to


1) transfer the license to the new MX64 and

2) transfer the configuration to the new firewall.


thank you



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Kind of a big deal

If you ordered the same model you're okay with the licensing. Meraki licenses aren't bound to specific serial numbers. They just allow you to have x devices of that type in your network.


Regarding the configuration. Just claim the hardware and assign it to the network. It should automatically receive most settings the previous mx had. The only things that might be missing are ip addresses assigned to the interfaces via the local web page. And I heard that autovpn might need to be reenabled too. 

You're not thinking the Meraki way yet! 😉


Most of those things are tied to the network, not to a device. When you swap the hardware in the network everything else in the network stays put. 


This should help you with this process, and the few odd things you need to do when you do a swap (like physical ports, or re-enable VPN).



Building a reputation

You will have to remove the broken MX from the network first.

Configure the  WAN IP address on the new MX

Plug the cables.


That's it.



Head in the Cloud

Then make a cup of tea for 5 minutes and search online for a UPS while rainbow light turns to white. 


Pat yourself on the back for a job well done picking Meraki 

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