mx/Z1/Z3 firmware limits uplink throughput

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mx/Z1/Z3 firmware limits uplink throughput

I have a Z1 that I have been using since September of 2013. It originally had a throughput of only 50mbps, but now with firmware version mx 13.28. It now has 1Gbps uplink throughput. I managed two sites one using an MX 84 originally had uplink throughput of 320Mbps now has 500Mbps with mx 13.28. The site that has an MX 60 with mx 13.28 has only 100Mbps uplink throughput. I also saw a post on the Z3 with mx 14.21 has uplink throughput of 100Mbps. I don't understand why any of these models would not be allowed 1Gbps throughput. In today's world with faster Internet speeds becoming more economical, why don't all of these models have the ability of 1Gbps uplink throughput? Many installations do not need the high end firewalls, but they do need higher uplink bandwidth.


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I had the same complaint about an MX64, and the exact reason I switched my home network to a competitors product.  

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Quite the same, but thank you about the timeframe of firmwares.


My last broadband ISP contract was symmetric for 100mbps and traffic shapping was set to simple and 100mbps. tests could easily reach 100mbps.


My newest contract is 240/40, so asymmetric band, and then I went there and set accordingly. tests, lots of them on lots of different servers and also using MacOS app, never gets higher then 60mbps.


Called meraki support and got only that it should never go that speed... just 50mbps as stated on PDF.


So... it's too confusing and I'm pretty sure the latest firmwares are doomed.


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