flow preferences during failover

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flow preferences during failover

I want to use WAN1 and WAN2 with separate LTE radios.  The purpose is that the two LTE APNs are set up for different class of service, guaranteed vs best effort.  We've been using two Meraki's and two radios, I want to use just one Meraki with two WAN ports.


The problem is that if WAN2 fails, it looks like all the traffic goes over WAN1.  Then when WAN2 comes back up, it looks like flows that got mapped to WAN1 during the failure stay mapped to WAN1, even though WAN2 has come back up.  Neither of those traits are very desirable for my application.  If WAN2 goes down, I really don't think I want it to failover.  It might be OK, but if it does failover, I definitely don't want it to stay mapped to WAN1 indefinitely.  This is a corporate type connection on WAN1 and personal use on WAN2.  It might be ok to flood Netflix users on to the corporate link during an outage, although probably not.  If WAN2 comes back up, definitely not.


Can anyone clarify that yes indeed flows already mapped to WAN1 won't route back after the failure?  Is there any other means to accomplish what I want?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

That is correct.  Once a flow starts using a specific WAN port it keeps using it until that flow expires.  This is not configurable or changeable.


Hopefully your primary circuit does not fail that often.

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